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Ellen Pool

Ellen Pool: The Pillar of Pool Realty Group

Phone: 281-636-5633

Industry Tenure and Professional Synergy

Ellen Pool, a seasoned veteran in real estate and the esteemed Co-Owner of Pool Realty Group, leads with her husband, bringing a rare synergy of expertise to their firm. Since her career's inception in 1991, Ellen has showcased an impressive tenure in the industry, marked by nearly two decades of on-site sales with new home builders across Houston and Dallas.

Real Estate Acumen and Client Dedication

A multi-million dollar producer licensed since 2001, Ellen is an authority in new construction, relocations, first-time homebuyers, and the luxury market. Her dual partnership, combining Realtor acumen and custom home building experience, provides clients with a richly layered perspective in real estate endeavors.

Rooted in Houston, Committed to Community

Ellen's Houstonian heritage and her intimate knowledge of the city and its environs stand unparalleled. Living in Magnolia since 2014, she weaves her rich personal experiences with her professional journey, including the educational path of her homeschooled daughter, now at Abilene Christian University.

Lifelong Learning and Client Satisfaction

An active member of various Realtor associations, Ellen's unwavering commitment to professional growth is evident. Her dedication to excellence is reflected in her stellar HAR Client Experience Rating of 4.99 out of 5.00 stars, underscoring the trust and satisfaction she earns from her clientele.

Service Philosophy

Ellen's guiding philosophy is heartfelt and impactful: "Helping clients buy and sell homes is such an honor! I treat my clients like family, yet ensure the professional service they deserve."

Todd Pool

Todd Pool: Synthesizing Experience with Innovation for Real Estate Excellence

Phone: 281-636-4763

Decades of Comprehensive Real Estate Expertise

Todd Pool stands as a distinguished figure in real estate, co-founding Pool Realty Group and serving as its President. His journey in the industry began in the late 1980s with a prominent multi-housing firm, where he honed his skills in property portfolio management, rehabilitation projects, and navigating complex foreclosure scenarios. His extensive experience also includes collaboration with investors, managing an impressive array of properties including single-family homes, condos, and townhomes.

Innovative Approach in Home Construction and Sales

Transitioning to construction and sales of single-family homes in the mid-1990s, Todd played a pivotal role in expanding his company's reach from a handful to over 40 communities. His innovative vision in the second and third-time buyer markets led to the creation of unique home plans and designs, elevating the living experience with thoughtfully incorporated amenities.

Mastering the Fast-Paced New Home Industry

Todd's profound understanding of the new home industry's pace and intricacies equips him with insights into potential challenges and effective solutions. His expertise spans construction techniques, material selection, buyer preferences, and the intricacies of the loan approval and closing processes.

Maximizing Value for Buyers and Sellers

Todd leverages his comprehensive knowledge to guide buyers, identifying properties that align with their expectations and focusing their search efficiently. For sellers, his strategic approach in positioning homes in the market ensures quick sales at optimal prices. Todd's unique blend of experience and foresight makes him a valuable ally in any real estate endeavor.

Randy Pool

Randy Pool: A Distinguished Career in Homebuilding and Mortgages, Anchored by Family and Community Values

Phone: (214) 282-1324

A Legacy in Homebuilding and Client Satisfaction

Introducing Randy Pool, whose passion for the housing industry began in 1996. This section highlights his journey in assisting nearly six hundred homebuyers, showcasing his ability to deliver homes that precisely meet client desires and needs. His tenure with major homebuilders brought him numerous awards for outstanding sales and exceptional client satisfaction.

Expansive Industry Experience: Beyond Homebuilding to Mortgages

This segment explores Randy's extensive experience in the mortgage industry as a loan officer, complementing his homebuilding expertise. It illustrates how his diverse background provides a unique perspective, equipping him with a broad base of knowledge and superior service capabilities for his clients.

The Philosophy of Client Engagement and Satisfaction

Focusing on Randy's approach to real estate, this section emphasizes the importance of understanding and fulfilling client needs through effective communication and active listening. It underscores his belief in the critical roles of knowledge, relationship building, and providing clients with essential resources for successful transactions.

Personal Life and Community Connections

Detailing Randy's personal life, this section paints a picture of his residence in Trophy Club, Texas, with his family. It also highlights his son Elijah’s service as a soldier in the US Army currently stationed in Korea, connecting Randy's professional achievements with his family values and community ties.

Melissa Wright

Melissa's Real Estate Journey: From the Pacific Northwest to the Heart of Texas

Transaction Manager
Phone: 832-791-2395

A Serendipitous Start in Real Estate

Born and raised in Washington state, Melissa's foray into the real estate industry began fortuitously in 1998. Influenced by her sister, she embarked on her career initially in an administrative capacity, progressed to managing web operations, and eventually became a licensed assistant to a luxury real estate agent.

Establishing Roots in The Woodlands

Melissa's relocation to The Woodlands, Texas in 2012 marked a new chapter. Here, she continued her real estate journey as a licensed assistant, this time for the Realtor who facilitated her own home purchase. Recognizing a niche in the market and spurred by her husband Jeremy's encouragement, she launched closHUB in 2017—a venture to aid busy agents in need of part-time support.

Embracing Texas's Cultural Landscape

Melissa's affinity for Texas goes beyond real estate. She is an enthusiast of the state's rich cultural tapestry, especially its burgeoning music scene and the plethora of local dining experiences. A lover of the outdoors, Melissa treasures her leisure time on Lake Conroe or exploring beaches and islands, always making the most of Texas's warm climate alongside her husband Jeremy.

Anida Telaku

Navigating Your Home Journey with Anida: The Heart of PRG Houston's Client Care

Client Care Specialist
Phone: (936) 300-4525

Your Personal Real Estate Concierge

Meet Anida, the heart and soul behind the client care experience at PRG Houston. Driven by a genuine passion for helping clients navigate the complexities of real estate, Anida stands as your premier guide through the processes of buying, leasing, and selling. Her role as your Client Care Specialist is to ensure a bespoke and frictionless journey, tailored to your unique needs from the outset.

Tailored Real Estate Solutions

Anida excels in pinpointing your exact position in the real estate cycle, providing bespoke advice and connecting you to the best-suited resources and services. Whether it's facilitating pre-qualification with a trusted lender or coordinating with PRG Houston's team of seasoned agents, Anida’s expertise guarantees a real estate experience that's as effective as it is pleasant.

A Future in Dentistry, A Present in Real Estate

Outside the realms of realty, Anida is a committed academic, actively pursuing her ambition to become a dentist. This same dedication to her future career is what she brings to you — a promise of a knowledgeable and supportive partnership as you embark on your home transaction journey. Place your trust in Anida's capable hands, and let the adventure begin with PRG Houston.

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